Troubled Youth

Troubled youth, synonymously used as troubled teens is a term that has a vide definition and usage among organizations, foundations, and experts. Usually, it implies some sort of behavioral disorder that causes the child at question to have problems with learning, expressing basic emotions like anger or sadness, or generally communicating with their peers and older people.

Since the problem itself not strictly defined and encompasses a wide range of behavioral and cognitive “disorders” there have been many different attempts to help children with these problems. These solutions include booth camps four troubled youth, special types of exercise (or Yoga), parenting advice, and so on.

Get Schooled

When it comes to troubled youth one can find that the best solution is to take a moderate approach, and to address the problem one by one. One of the major factors in contributing to youths being on the streets is the fact that school attendance is often very low. This factor in youth welfare is often more encountered among the economically impoverished parts of the population. When you take into account the financial burden education can be, we see how the problem of delinquent behavior enters a never-ending loop, in the outcome ow witch the children have no say.

Get-SchooledThe Get Schooled Foundation is a non-profit organization that works on improving school and university attendance thru the power of media, technology and national event and content planning. The main goal of the organization is to work on college attendance and affordability and to make these improvements and information accessible to children and young adults. The foundation’s work and involvement in programs, as well as the advice that the offer can be seen on their website.

Celebrity Help

As is often the case with non- profit organizations, they get a lot of financial help from celebrities. They also help in the promotion of the organization’s work, and in securing future support. The good work of the people in foundations depends on the donation and help from philanthropists all over the world. There are twenty-six celebrities that help the work of the Get School foundation. Among them are Big Sean, Chris Brown, Ciara, Jesse McCartney, Nicki Minaj, Pharrell Williams, and many others.

Together with their financial and media help, as well as the help of other donors, the organization has had great success in addressing many of the problems it has yet to resolve, as well as producing authentic research findings from their experience that can be of help to other organizations which are trying to help the youth handle present-day problems and issues that they are encompassed by.